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pdf Files to Read and Print

Blank Manuscript/Staff/Music Paper :: top

General Information :: top

  • The Dolmetsch Story (in English) - the full version
  • The Countess Cathleen and the Revival of The Bardic Arts - Dolmetsch and W. B. Yeats
  • The Subject is Wood - as comprehensive as you are ever likely to need
  • Complete Index for The Consort - the journal of The Dolmetsch Foundation (.doc format)
  • Complete Index for The Consort - the journal of The Dolmetsch Foundation (.docx format)
  • Complete Index for The Consort - the journal of The Dolmetsch Foundation (.pdf format)

    Product Information :: top

  • Recorder Prices from 30 April 2010
  • The Dolmetsch Library Music For Recorders Catalogue - Music now in print

    Recorder Fingering Charts and Care Leaflets :: top

  • Complete Recorder Care - everything you need to know about looking after your recorder
  • Nova Bass Care Leaflet - extra information about your NOVA bass
  • Millennium Great Bass Care Leaflet - the leaflet supplied with every Millennium Great Bass
  • English/Baroque Recorder Fingering Chart - for all C & F recorders
  • English/Baroque Recorder Trill Fingering Chart - for all C & F recorders
  • English/Baroque Fingering Chart for Descant/Soprano in D, Tenor in D, Treble/Alto in G, Treble/Alto in E flat & Bass in G
  • German Fingering Chart - for all C & F recorders

    Gold Series Fingering Charts and Care Leaflet :: top

  • Gold One-Handed Recorder Care Leaflet
  • Gold Left Hand Descant/Soprano C Recorder Fingering Chart
  • Gold Right Hand Descant/Soprano C Recorder Fingering Chart
  • Gold Left Hand Treble/Alto F Recorder Fingering Chart
  • Gold Right Hand Treble Alto F Recorder Fingering Chart

    Complete Scales and Arpeggios for C and F Recorders :: top

  • Complete Descant/Soprano C Recorder Scales
  • Complete Treble/Alto F Recorder Scales
  • Complete Descant/Soprano C Recorder Arpeggios
  • Complete Treble/Alto F Recorder Arpeggios

    Complete Scales and Arpeggios for Bass Recorder in F :: top

  • Complete Bass in F Recorder Scales
  • Complete Bass in F Recorder Arpeggios - in preparation

    Blank Manuscript/Staff Paper from Dolmetsch Online :: top

    This resource has been moved to the new manuscript paper page.