Music Theory   Online : Exercise Contents

by Dr. Brian Blood

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Naming & Writing NotesAnswers
Scales & Key SignaturesAnswers
Enharmonics & AccidentalsAnswers
The TriadAnswers
Note and RestsAnswers
Time SignaturesAnswers
Harmonic, Melodic & Natural Minor ScalesAnswers
Harmonising the Major and Natural Minor ScalesAnswers
10 Triad RecognitionAnswers
11 TranspositionAnswers
12 Diatonic Seventh ChordsAnswers
13 Key CentresAnswers
14 Pentatonic ScaleAnswers
15 Blues HarmonyAnswers
16 Chord InversionAnswers
17 Extended ChordsAnswers
18 Other Chord TypesAnswers
19 ModesAnswers
20 Variations in Minor HarmonyAnswers
21 Variations in Minor MelodyAnswers
22 Modal InterchangeAnswers
23 Secondary DominantsAnswers
24 Altered ChordsAnswers
25 Altered ScalesAnswers
26 Diminish Seventh ChordsAnswers
27 Symmetrical ScalesAnswers
28 Diatonic Chord SubstitutionAnswers
29 Flat Five SubstitutionAnswers
30 ModulationAnswers