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La main à plume vaut la main à charrue
Jean-Nicholas-Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), French author

translation: The hand that writes is equal to the hand that ploughs

List of Topics

On Dolmetsch

  1. The Dolmetsch Story by Dr. Brian Blood
  2. La Traditon Dolmetsch by Dr. Brian Blood (translated by Catherine Rolfe with the assistance of Philippe Bolton)
  3. The Dolmetsch Legacy by Ross Winters
  4. The Dolmetsch Fortepiano housed at Groote Schuur in Cape Town, South Africa

On Early Music

  1. What Is Early Music by Todd M. McComb
  2. What is monophony, polyphony, homophony, monody etc.?
  3. When did modal music give way to the modern key system?
  4. The History of Musical Instrument Pitch
  5. The Crwth by Catheleijne Berck
  6. Woodwind Instrument Pitch through the Ages by Dr. Brian Blood
  7. Tempi in Baroque Music
  8. Ornamentation
  9. Authenticity - Why?
  10. The Story of a Trill - an online discussion about playing 'early music' - edited by Dr. Brian Blood
  11. Do Early Musical Interpretations Improve? - by Todd McComb
  12. Dolmetsch Writings on the Viol
  13. Ezra Pound and The Occult - includes reference to Ezra Pound influenced by Arnold Dolmetsch
  14. A Reflection on a Dolmetsch Concert by Arthur Symonds (1909)

On General Musical Topics

  1. Art and the Enlightenment Project by Jonathan Le Cocq
  2. A Brief History of Musical Pitch in Europe
  3. Flute Misnomers
  4. The Case Against Over-notation: A Defense and a Diatribe by Kyle Gann
  5. Is Music What We Are? by Dr. Brian Blood
  6. We Are What We Listen To - David Bellugi interviewed by Nick Horn
  7. Philosophy and Aesthetics - by Mary Devereaux
  8. Music and Place by Donald Skoog
  9. Encouraging Musical Creativity by Alan Belkin
  10. Musicians - Protecting the Professional Ear
  11. Musicians and Injuries - an excellent source of practical information and useful on-line links
  12. Music And Rhythm by Dr. Brian Blood
  13. So You Want To Become A Better Musician or How to Practice
  14. Where are the Mozarts of today? by Dr. Kenneth Lampl - and a response by Fernando Rivas
  15. On Scale and Temperament
  16. Understanding Temperament - by Pierre Lewis
  17. Unravelling The Music Stand - by John Everingham
  18. Six Ways to be a Bad Teacher by Donald Skoog
  19. How To Become A Music Critic - by George Bernard Shaw
  20. Online Music Journals
  21. Online International Library Resources
  22. Copyright - When Is It Legal To Copy?
  23. The Physics of Musical Instruments
  24. Music and Mathematics - a fascinating resource
  25. The Importance of Music Theory by Kim Michele Lacoste
  26. A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing by Aaron Davison

On The Recorder

  1. On Playing the Bass Recorder by Dr. Brian Blood
  2. Top Notes by John Everingham
  3. High Notes Can Be Easy - Descant/Soprano | Treble/Alto
  4. On Choosing A Recorder by John Everingham
  5. Symptoms And Solutions - Does Your Recorder Need Servicing? by Dr. Brian Blood
  6. Clive Catterall's Guide to Maintaining Threaded Tenons on Wind Instruments
  7. Creative compositions Rob Kingston looks at the role that different materials have played in making music through the ages
  8. Make Your Own Recorder Stand by John Fulton
  9. Two Recorders and Continuo - list prepared by Jean Allison Olsen
  10. The History of The Recorder Quartet by Daniel Koschitzki
  11. Tuning Recorder Consorts by Dr. Brian Blood
  12. The Recorder as Transposing Instrument? by John Howell
  13. Humidity, Temperature, and Wood Moisture Content by Dr. Stephen Smulski
  14. Wood, Oil and Water by Raymond and Lee Dessy
  15. Oiling Your Recorder? by Joseph S. Wisniewski
  16. Recorder Thumbrests? edited by Dr. Brian Blood
  17. Kodály and the Recorder by Susan Taylor Howell
  18. Suzuki and the Recorder by Landa Melrose, General Secretary, British Suzuki Institute
  19. About Recorder Fingerings - Historical, English/Dolmetsch, German, Trill and Gold Series Fingering Charts
  20. Multiphonics by Ian Shanahan; extract from "Recorder Unlimited: A Preliminary Study of the Alto Recorder's Multiphonic Resources"
  21. Memento: The Medieval Recorder by Nicholas Lander
  22. A Pipe For Fortune's Finger:The Recorder in Literature and Art by Nicholas Lander

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