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Dolmetsch Online free resource pages
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dolmetsch online resourcesthis resource portal page dolmetsch online resources to your bookmarks
e-monographsuseful articles e-monographs to your bookmarks
music dictionarymusic related definitions music dictionary to your bookmarks
quick search facilitysearch the whole site from here dolmetsch quick search to your bookmarks
music theory & historylearn music theory & history music theory & history to your bookmarks
dolmetsch pdf filesfingering charts, recorder care, product information, etc. dolmetsch pdf files to your bookmarks
staff/music/manuscript paperfree staff/music/manuscript paper staff/music/manuscript paper to your bookmarks
recorder lessonsdescant/soprano in C, alto/treble in F, and bass in F recorder method to your bookmarks
physics of musical instrumentshistory & introduction to acoustics physics of musical instruments to your bookmarks
semibrevitya blog about early music pioneers semibrevity: a blog about early music pioneers to your bookmarks

Those who feel any of these free resources might be useful to visitors to their own web site are welcome to place links to these resources or to this 'resource portal' page on their own web page(s). The URL for each resource is shown in the table above.

These resources are widely referenced and used by school-, college- and university-level students and by individuals of all ages.

The recorder lessons provide many helpful hints that you may not find in books or written methods.

We make use of the freely downloadable Sibelius Scorch plug-in which, once installed, will enable you to read and listen to the musical examples as you browse.

Still in its early stages, an online resource entitled the physics of musical instruments is being developed on this site. The historical introduction and a few introductory chapters are already completed.

We have collected together a number of useful and interesting monographs on music and music-related subjects under the heading e-monographs. These can be printed out and used as teaching material. Some topics are at a non-specialist level while a few might be considered advanced.

We have also prepared some useful pdf files which can be reached via the information link on the home page. The pdf files are designed to be downloaded and printed locally. These include recorder fingering charts, recorder scales and arpeggios, charts for the gold series recorders for one-handed use, useful information about how to take care of your recorder and an assortment of blank manuscript papers in a variety of formats available free of charge.

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Discovering Music on BBC Radio 3 is a remarkable resource for those teaching and studying music. The archive of 45 minute programs is available here.