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Useful Dolmetsch People Links

The Dolmetsch Family Tree
Dr. Brian Blood and The Blood Family History

Arnold Dolmetsch (1858-1940)
Antoine Geoffroy-Dechaume - obituary
Rudolph Dolmetsch (1906-1942)
Dr. Carl Dolmetsch (1911-1997)
Cécile Dolmetsch (1904-1997) (see end of Dr. Carl Dolmetsch's obituary)
Joseph Saxby (1910-1997)
W. A. Boxall (noted British violinist - pupil of Arnold Dolmetsch)
François Dolmetsch
Dr, Angela Cuevas de Dolmetsch - wife of François Dolmetsch
Dra. Ángela María Dolmetsch - daughter of François and Angela Dolmetsch
Dr. Richard Dolmetsch - son of François and Angela Dolmetsch
Jeanne Dolmetsch
Marguerite Dolmetsch
Dr. Paul Blood and Dawn Williamson
Colonel Thomas Blood (c.1618-1680) - truth is stranger than fiction
Professor Max Isaac Reich (1867-1945) - great-grandfather of Dr. Brian Blood (through his mother) - a member of the faculty of Moody Bible Institute, Chicago
Captain Peter Blood - historical fiction by Rafael Sabatini
Sir Henry (Harry) Johnston, G.C.M.B, K.C.B. (1858-1927), explorer and writer - brother of Mabel Dolmetsch
Ruth Dyson (1917-1997) - harpsichordist and teacher
Violet Gordon Woodhouse (1872-1951) - harpsichordist
Robert Donington (1907-1990) - student of Arnold Dolmetsch and musicologist
Michael Short - for many years composer in residence at the Dolmetsch Summer School
Dr. Arabella Blood and Gareth Curtis - daughter and son-in-law of Brian Blood and Marguerite Dolmetsch
Alexander Frederick (Alex) Curtis - Arabella and Gareth's son
Jonathan and Benjamin Blood - twin sons of Brian Blood and Marguerite Dolmetsch
Gronia de Verdon Cooney (1958-2005)
Robert Goble (1903-1991) - harpsichord and recorder maker
Marco Pallis (1895-1989)
Terence Pamplin (sometime director of Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd.)
Rachel Gregory
David Bellugi
Michel Sanvoisin - pupil of Carl Dolmetsch
Kees Otten (1924-2008) - Dutch recorder pioneer, colleague of Carl Dolmetsch
Peter Wong - Hongkong-based recorder teacher and player (information in Chinese)
David Gomez Garcia - Colombian recorder player and teacher
Mark Norris - harp maker who was trained at Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd.
Malcolm Prior - lute maker who was trained at Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd.
Roger Rose - viol and bow maker who was trained at Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd.
Andy Durand - The Music Room Workshop - early keyboard maker who was trained at Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd.

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